JCPS - Serving the Incarcerated

Mission Statement

Since 1921, the Jewish Committee for Personal Service (JCPS) has assisted men and women serving time in Jails or prisons in California. Today it remains the only organization combating the loneliness, discrimination, terror and actual physical abuse directed toward Jewish prisoners in state and Federal facilities.

The families of incarcerated men and women are also served by JCPS. The program counsels both prisoners and their loved ones through the frightening and humiliating process of arrest, conviction, incarceration and eventual release.

The goal of the JCPS is the rehabilitation of our Jewish citizens and their return, as assets, to their families and community. Some of our most respected professionals, business leaders and spiritual leaders have been touched and served by JCPS.

The social workers, field representatives and volunteers of JCPS are available to guide and support potentially forgotten members of our community back toward honest and productive lives.


Jewish Committee for Personal Service
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Phone: (323) 644-2000
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